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Smoking Cessation

Brief Statistics

According to a survey done by the Census & Statistics Department in 2000, there were about 804,000 smokers in Hong Kong and accounting for 14.4% of population aged 15 or over. Smoking is the single largest cause of illness and premature death in Hong Kong. The estimated death caused by smoking was over 5,500 per year which was equivalent to 15 deaths per day.

Harmful Effects of Smoking

That smoking endangers people’s health is well established. Diseases caused by smoking include lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chest infection, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, peptic ulcer and so on. Smoking also shortens people’s life. Research shows that smokers’ lives are three years shorter than non-smokers on average.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

A common misconception is that there is not much benefit for chronic smokers to quit. In fact, quit ting smoking is beneficial to the health of smokers at any time. It is never too late to quit smoking and the advantages of quitting are wide-ranging:

•  Reduced overall death rates : After 15 years off cigarette smoking , the risk of death from all causes for ex-smokers returns to nearly the level of persons who have never smoked. The decision to quit smoking indeed adds years to life in comparison to the shortened life expectancy of those continuing to smoke.

•  Reduced risk of heart disease : After 1 year off cigarette smoking, the risk of heart disease caused by
smoking is reduced by half.

•  Reduced risk of lung cancer : The risk of lung cancer for ex-smokers drops to about one-half that of
continuing smokers after 10 years.

•  Improved life quality : Ex-smokers can enjoy a better overall health status. They have less health complaints, can exercise more easily as well as experience an increased sense of control.

Smoking Cessation Methods

2 main categories :

  • Self-help Strategies :

          Quitting Smoking by Tobacco Control Office, Department of Health

          Five keys for quitting smoking by Office on Smoking and Health, CDC of US

          Tobacco Cessation Guideline by Office of the Surgeon General, US

  • Assisted Strategies :

          Drugs for Quitting Smoking by Tobacco Control Office, Department of Health

Other Cessation Services in Hong Kong

Related Websites for Smoking Cessation :

Local :

International :


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