CUHK-University of Manchester Research Fund supports three new projects


Running in its second year, the CUHK-University of Manchester (UoM) Research Fund aims to build and strengthen research collaborations between the two universities. The fund sponsors academics at both universities to undertake short-term exchange visits to deepen and extend collaborative research in six priority areas: Cancer, Neuroscience, Energy and Climate Change, Future Cities, Advanced Materials, and Poverty Relief.


This year, the fund approved three proposals and awarded each of them a grant of £10,000. With the funding support, the academics at both universities will benefit from knowledge exchange and a closer partnership. The recipients are:


Prof. CHUNG Tsz Shun Eric, Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics


Prof. Derrick LAI, Assistant Professor, Dept of Geography & Resource Management

Prof. POON Wai Sang, Professor, Dept of Surgery



Area(s) of Research and Project Title

Energy & Climate Change;

Multiscale Modelling of Geothermal Energy Recovery from Fractured Porous Systems


Energy & Climate Change;

Characterising ‘Blue Carbon’ Dynamics in Subtropical Mangroves



Improving Outcome Predictions in Neurosurgery Using Unstructured Admission CT Data





































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