Knowledge and cultural exchange with Tokyo secondary school students


CUHK warmly received a group of 12 students from Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School in February 2018 for a knowledge and cultural exchange. During the visit, four CUHK students from different disciplines and the Japanese students discussed various topics on the theme ‘What is the Ideal Education’. They shared their experience and thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence and multilanguages in classroom. They also exchanged ideas on the role of teachers in education, with a focus on the stance of teachers in teaching politics and social issues.


The participating CUHK students found the meeting eye-opening and inspiring. ‘The exchange of ideas has provided me with many new insights about different aspects of education in Japan. I am very impressed by the attitude and passion of these Japanese secondary school students. They are very smart and highly-motivated,’ shared Mr. Man Chung HUI, a psychology major student.


Another student representative, Ms. Sui Ting FONG, also found the meeting fruitful, ‘I was happy to see that the Japanese students were taking so much interest in Hong Kong. One student was conducting a research on local Hong Kong movies. I have come to understand the cultural difference between Japan and Hong Kong, especially our ideas towards education.’


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