“Bullet Screen” for Virtual Teaching and Learning: An Innovation for Online Collaborative Video Analysis

Classroom Demonstration


During Stage 1, we have gathered information on existing commercial video sites with bullet screen function and tested one in classes. We found that most sites with bullet screen function (e.g., Bilibili, Tencent Video, Youku Video) needs complicated registration process that requires personal identity verification, which is not convenient to use. Sites such as YouTube with bullet screen extensions (e.g., Dmooji) can be independently developed yet its applicability is limited to selected video sites and it is not stable as the video sites may change its configurations. For example, the Dmooji tool tested in classes is no longer usable and the data entered by students have been lost. Thus, it is crucial to independently develop a bullet screen tool for learning.


In the proposal, we suggest three methods to evaluate the project outcomes, which include 1) student completed tasks on video analysis on the developed bullet screen in order to evaluate their comprehension of the course material; 2) online questionnaire to collect students’ thoughts about their learning experience; and 3) Informal observation and discussion. In the current stage, we have used methods 1) and 3) to evaluate the on-going project developments. As explained earlier, we have designed teaching tasks with bullet screen tool. During these tasks, students can review the videos at their own pace and make comments. We have also showed the whole video in a face-to-face class and found that bullet screen can enhance hybrid mode of teaching. In another course, we used the bullet screen tool in a zoom class to enhance virtual teaching and learning. Informal observation and discussions have been conducted during and after class. Achieving the objectives depends on the development of the bullet screen online tool, which will be the main task of the project at this moment. 



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