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Centre for Nutritional Studies

The Centre for Nutritional Studies (CNS) was established since 1997. It represents a successful inter-faculty and inter-departmental collaborative group studying various aspects of nutrition in children, adults and the elderly, in the community as well as hospitals and long term residential care. The stimulus to the formation of the Centre was the award of the US Bristol-Myers Squibb Mead Johnson Unrestricted Grant in Nutrition for 5 years in 1997.
Apart from members obtaining competitive grants to carry out research, the Centre has successfully developed a social enterprise model to become self-sustainable in translating an effective lifestyle modification programme developed and evaluated as a research project, into a public service. This allowed continuous support of various research staff and projects on a regular basis to complement specific projects supported by competitive grants.

特別通告   Special announcement


Due to the re-structure of the service scope of the Centre for Nutritional Studies, our centre is now focused on research activities and suspends private dietetic consultation services to the public from 31 May 2020.
We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.


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Email healthy_life@cuhk.edu.hk

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