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康,是人人都想擁有的。隨著年齡的增長,身體機能開始老化;長期無節制的飲食和頻繁的應酬;工作壓力和不定時的作息,都會引致身體疲累,有力不從心的感覺。從健康到疾病,還有一個灰色地帶 -- "亞健康",如果不注意,就會滑落到疾病群體中。如果您想在未來的日子裏,繼續健康地與親友共聚天倫,享受豐盛人生的完整模式,而並非生活在高血壓、高膽固醇、心血管疾病、糖尿病等慢性疾病的陰影下,就要執行健康的生活模式了。首先第一步,通過檢查清楚您身體的狀態。

Health is an invaluable treasure for anyone to achieve our life goals. Along the path of ageing, bodily functions deteriorate. Poor dietary habit, frequent social gathering and disordered rest as well as accumulative stress at work exhausted our body and lead us to various conditions and diseases at later stage. The state where an individual has sub-optimal health without any diseases is called 'Sub-health'. At 'Sub-healthy' state, one's health may be deteriorated further and progress to various diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes unless some actions are taken. To stay away from these diseases while enjoying a healthy life, a healthy and active lifestyle is necessary. Where should we start from? – To understand your current health status.

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