Summer Intensive Chinese Language Programmes 2015-2016

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Putonghua (also called Standard Chinese or Mandarin) and Cantonese courses of different levels are offered. Study curriculum is available at Students taking non-elementary courses are invited to submit an online written/ oral placement test at Meeting or talking to teachers in person for placement, if needed, can be arranged at a cost of HK$300 per subject. For a comparison between different types of programmes, please visit FAQ at 


Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Fall 2015

Programme /Date

January to April





September to December

2 weeks


PRINCH (Language & Culture Immersion) in Beijing  May 18 – 31




3 weeks





July 8 – July 27


(PTH onlyAugust. 10 – 28





S2b July 28 – August 14



4 weeks




S2-P4C Putonghua for native Cantonese speakers

July 20- August 14


5 weeks




ISS June 30 – August 3


12 weeks

Regular Spring Term  

Jan. 19 – Apr. 17


Regular Summer Term

June 4 – Aug. 14

Regular Fall Term

Sep. 21 – Dec. 11


Chinese New Year

Spring Party:

Mar. 27

Optional Beijing Tour: August 29 – September 2.

CUHK International summer school, HKSAR Establishment anniversary, HK Book Fair, HK Computers and Electronic Fair, HK Shopping Festival


National Day of China


Note: (1) Optional Summer Tour to Beijing (5 days - 4 nights): date: August 29 - September 2, 2015. Price: HK$6000 (US$769). Price includes 3-star accommodation double occupancy, transportation, meals, admission tickets and accidental insurance. Student should take care of their own China visa. (2) Tentative dates for 2016 Regular programmes: Spring Term (Jan. 18- Apr. 15). Summer Term (Jun. 6- Aug. 16). Fall Term (Sep. 19- Dec. 7). (3) ISS and ISS-CLP Chinese language courses are opened to non-native Chinese speaking undergraduates local and abroad only. Interested students should forward application to the Office of Summer Programmes. Website:

Fees (Price per course per level per school term in Hong Kong Dollars. Exchange rate US$1=HK$7.8 shown as reference only)


Spring 2015

CLC Summer School 2015

Fall 2015

Programme Code



PRINCH Beijing

S2a/ S2b



Tuition fee

L1-6: US$2962/ HK$23100

L1-6: US$2962/ HK$23100

US$592/ HK$4620

US$730/ HK$5670

US$600/ HK$4680

L1-6: US$3058/ HK$23850

Activity fee

Spring Party (optional)

Lunch Table (optional)

US$1055/ HK$8230. Mandatory,

see note 3.

Lunch Table (optional)

Outing: US$26 / HK$200

Application fee & Deposit

US$205/ HK$1600

US$205/ HK$1600

US$26/ HK$200

US$205/ HK$1600

Text materials

US$25-64/ HK$200-500

US$25-64/ HK$200-500

Within HK$100/ US$13

US$25-64/ HK$200-500

Visa application

Mandatory, see Note 2

Mandatory, see Note 4

Mandatory, see Note 2

For HKID holder only


see Note 2









Note 1: Students study for more than one programme within a season is allowed, and only a one-time application fee (the highest end) will be charged.  

Note 2: HK Visa charge: US$38/ HK$290. Student visa is a must to non-HK residents. Oversea students with solely visa exemption/ visitor status are not allowed to study in Hong Kong.

Note 3: PRINCH activity fee includes counseling in small group of 3, trans-city transportation (round trip transportation between Hong Kong and Beijing), local transportation in Beijing, accommodation in Beijing (13 nights in 3-star rating guest house, double occupancy), admission ticket related to the language activities, learning materials, welcome and farewell dinner, and travel insurance. Meals will be at students’ own expense according to one’s living style.

Note 4:China Visa: click into China Travel Agency web site for more information ( China visa is not necessary for Japanese and Singaporean staying less than 14 days in China.

Hong Kong Accommodation

- On-campus dormitory at Colleges in CUHK. Location to be confirmed. Summer only. Double-occupancy HK$200/ US$26 per person per day. Students should prepare paying single room surcharge if room-mate is not available. Booking through CLC only. Confirmation upon full payment.
- Share flat with CUHK or CLC students.  Please ask CLC staff to get login information to the forum after enrolled to a CLC course. CUHK off-campus accommodation network
- Other short term accommodation  Look up by yourself at CLC website

Hong Kong Living Expenses (for reference only)

Meals :

US$3.2-19 per meal (HK$ 25 – 150)

Train/ Bus fare :

US$0.5-3.2 per journey (HK$ 4 – 25)

Movie ticket :

US$4.5-8.5 (HK$ 35 – 65) 

Medical services: student visa/ working visa/ dependent visa and HKID holders are entitled to local resident rate in using public hospitals and clinics. General out-patient at US$5.8 (HK$45) per attendance and in-patient US$9 (HK$68) per day (public ward). Private general physicians: US$26-51 per visit (HK$200-400). Hospitalization (semi-private ward) : US$70-90 per day (HK$600-700)


Disclaimer: the information provided in this publication was correct at the time of printing. The Chinese Language Center reserves the right to alter any of the information should the need arise. Update:13 November 2014.


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