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Manuscript Submission Guidelines for JCL publications

All submissions to Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) must be made via email. Mail submission is not required and will not be accepted as of February 2019. Authors, who wish to submit their manuscripts to JCL should send the required documents to the following email address:



1. Academic Integrity

1.0 JCL publishing office has been guided by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for its publishing operation to guard quality scholarship publications. JCL continues  observing closely and improving its operation in details according to COPE Core Practices (https://publicationethics.org/core-practices) as folows:

     1. Allegations of misconduct
     2. Authorship and contributorship
     3. Complaints and appeals
     4. Conflicts of interest / Competing interests
     5. Data and reproducibility
     6. Ethical oversight
     7. Intellectual property
     8. Journal management
     9. Peer review processes
     10. Post-publication discussions and corrections

1.1 The manuscript has not been submitted to elsewhere but for the consideration of JCL only. If authors prefer to submit their papers to another publication later after their JCL submissions, they must send a notice to JCL to withdraw the manuscripts.

1.2 The affiliation institute of an author ought to be the one where the major part of the research of the manuscript has been conducted and supported upon submission/resubmission. If the author becomes affiliated to a new institute after the paper being accepted by JCL, it can be noted in the footnote area on the first page of the paper.

1.3 For multi-authorship submission, the author name order in a paper is listed according to the quality research contribution of the authors based on author qualification below:

    • Substantial contributions to the conception or design of the work; or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data for the work;
    • Drafting the work or revising it critically for important intellectual content;
    • Final approval of the version to be published;
    • Agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of
       the work are appropriately investigated and resolved.

1.4 For a multi-authorship submission, co-authorship must be confirmed by each author directly with JCL publishing office.

1.5 For a multi-authorship submission, email communications with JCL by the author for correspondance should be copied to all authors.

1.6 Upon a multi-authorship paper being accepted, JCL requires an Author Agreement document on the the author name order along with a list that justifies each author's contributions to the research reported in the paper.

1.7 Authors will be asked to resubmit their papers if during the proofreading stage, unacceptable and extensive practices of a research report is found,  such as lack of citation, unsupported statements, quotations, paraphrases, tables, figures, missing citations, and other unethical pratices.

2. Cover letter

2.1 Address to JCL Editors, Prof. Shengli Feng and Prof. Virginia Yip

2.2 The author(s)' intention of the submission

2.3 The research significance and contribution of the paper to existing research literature of the same topic(s).

2.4 The author(s)' academic qualification, affiliation, and contact information (For authors who is not fully trained academically and do not hold PhD qualification to submit a paper to JCL, it is required that: either [1] a scholar fully trained academically is the corresponding author of the submission to take the full responsibility on the quality of it, or [2] the academic supervisor provides a sponsoring letter to JCL, to assure JCL of high scholarly quality of the submission by a PhD candidate whose PhD degree is confirmed.)

2.5 Submission of multiple authors is required to provide

1) A brief description of each contributor by the order of author names
2) The academic affiliation of each author where the submitted research is conducted
3) Research contributions by each author to this paper

2.6 A confirmation on that this manuscript or its full/partial content has not been published elsewhere and it is not under consideration by other journals/publishers online or in print; it is submitted to JCL only. Upon JCL's acceptance of the paper as a quality contribution, JCL has all copyrights of the contribution.

2.7 Names of scholars with related expertise at international level who can be the peer reviewers of the submitted paper

2.8 Co-authors must be included during all email communication with JCL if a manuscript are authored by more than one author.

2.9 Confirm on JCL copyright upon the paper is being accepted by JCL for publication.

2.10 Declare any conflicts of interest according to the research ethic and in compliance with guidelines of the research institutions which the authors are affiliated to. 

3. Presentation

3.0 Language
We welcome submissions written in English or in Chinese. Since Journal of Chinese Linguistics is an academic journal indexed in English publication indexes for scholarly communication at international level, JCL encourages authors to present their research in English and English-language manuscripts will be prioritized in publishing upon acceptance. Importantly, authors, particularly those whose first language is not English, may wish to have their English-language manuscripts (including the abstract) edited and checked by a native speaker or resort to a language editing service (at the author’s own expense) to ensure the content of the paper is presented clearly and accurately.

3.1 Literature review
The submitted manuscript should provide an adequate review of relevant international research literature, critically evaluating previous research in terms of the research methods, findings and research gaps, etc.

3.2 Chinese characters for examples/data
JCL requires submitted manuscripts to add Chinese examples/data in Chinese CHARACTERS (in addition to the customary pinyin, IPA, gloss etc.).

3.3 Citation
For each author-date citation in the text, there must be a corresponding entry in the reference list under the same name and date. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure such agreement as well as the accuracy of the reference (see also 2.29). (15.20 The Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed.)

3.4 Bilingual section
The following sections require both English and Chinese language presentation:
3.4.1 Titles
3.4.2 Author name and affiliation
3.4.3 Abstracts   
3.4.4 keywords (no more than five)
3.4.5 In formatting non-English references such as works orginally written in Chinese, please follow the example below:

Hua, Linfu 华林甫. 1999. Qingdai yilai Sanxia diqu shuihan zaihai de chubu yanjiu 清代以来三峡地区水旱灾害的初步硏究 (A preliminary study of floods and droughts in the Three Gorges region since the Qing dynasty). Zhongguo shehui kexue 中国社会科学 1:168–179.

3.5 Format
Two versions of the manuscript (normally not exceeding 25 pages) should be prepared, one with author information and the other anonymized. Please follow the updated guidelines of The Chicago Manual of Style to format a JCL manuscript. JCL uses endnotes rather than footnotes. Chinese characters should be simplified in SimSun font. IPA symbols should be set in a Unicode font, preferably Doulos SIL, which is freely available from http://software.sil.org/doulos/. If special fonts are used, please send them along with your manuscript in electronic format. Authors will be specifically guided by JCL format guidelines if a manuscript is accepted.

4.  Submission
Please submit your manuscript (including the anonymized version), in both WORD and PDF, to JCL by email attachments, together with a cover letter.