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Writing Tips



Newsletter 4


More Writing Leads to Better Writing

How does reading help students?
1. It improves and reinforces vocabulary development.
2. It exposes students to multiple text types/models.
3. It expands and deepens their subject knowledge.
4. It gives them an opportunity to comprehend a topic at their own pace... Page 1 , Page 2


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Providing Feedback on Students’ Writing

Feedback can be defined as any input from reader to writer that provides guidance for revision. The objective of feedback is to encourage students to improve their writing... Page 1 , Page 2

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How to Enrich Your Courses with Writing Assignments

If you have assigned a Term/ Research paper to be submitted at the end of the term, ask the students to submit a Proposal and a Progress Report during the 4th and 8th weeks of the term... Page 1 , Page 2


Newsletter 1


(1) Plagiarism – What it is and how to avoid it

Plagiarism refers to any use of another author’s research, ideas, or language without proper attribution. This
definition includes intentional plagiarism and accidental plagiarism... Page 1

(2) Process Writing

Process writing views both the product and the process of writing as equally important. Students follow the
procedures of prewriting (planning), drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their writing... Page 2



Newsletter 4

Writing tips 1 and 2



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  Writing tips 1 and 2
Newsletter 2
  Writing tips 1 and 2
  Newsletter 1
  Writing tips 1 and 2


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