Presented by the Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme (JS4648)

A Virtual Reality (VR)

坐定定地質遊 (VR)

Dr. TAM, Pui Yuk Tammy 譚佩玉博士
Lecturer, Earth System Science Programme 地球系統科學課程講師
28 Jan 2022 (Fri)
5:00 - 6:30 pm
Cantonese/ English
廣東話/ 英語主講
Online (via Zoom)

* This lecture will be conducted in an online mode in view of the latest development of the pandemic.  Registered participants will receive updates via email closer to the event date.  因應疫情最新發展,是次講座將會改為網上舉行,已登記的參加者會於稍後透過電郵收到講座的最新安排。

Abstract 摘要

Under the impact of COVID-19, many educational institutions have transformed traditional geologic field studies, adopting a new learning model. To maintain the geologic training and promote geoscience in the “new normal”, the Earth System Science Programme at CUHK has produced Virtual Reality (VR) geologic tours (geo tours) including those that showcase famous local geologic features. In this talk, the speaker will share some of the recently developed VR geo-tours and discuss how students and the general public can use these platforms to prepare a geologic field study. More importantly, the talk will demonstrate the way geologists apply interdisciplinary knowledge from disciplines such as in geography, physics and chemistry in a geologic study.

由於疫情影響,不少院校以新的學習模式取代傳統的地質野外考察。為了在「新常態」下維持地質知識訓練和推廣普及科學教育,中文大學地球科學課程建立了一系列的 「虛擬地質遊 (VR Geo-tours)」,並把本地著名的地質特徵在程式內展示。這次講座將會分享一些近來開發的「虛擬地質遊」和學生及公眾可如何利用這些平台準備地質考察。更重要的是,講座將會分享地質學家如何運用跨學科知識,例如地理、物理和化學知識,進行地質野外考察。
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