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a. Brief Description

For over a decade, the Graduate School has organised related short courses to help postgraduate students do their research. These modules are collectively referred to as the Improving Postgraduate Learning (IPL) programme. These courses have been well received by past postgraduates and the overall number of IPL modules has increased from 16 (in 1995/ 1996) to 50 (in 2021-2022) with corresponding increases in the number of participants.

Most IPL short courses are optional for postgraduate students. However, all research postgraduate students should consider seriously taking every module that has potential relevancy to their research endeavours. Supervisors and division heads should also promote these modules to their respective students.


b. Details of Programme

  Foreword Research Skills Discover Research Information Skills Computer Skills
  Laboratory Safety Thesis Writing Presentation Skills & Teaching and Learning Other Supporting Courses


c. Course Schedule

d. Registration

For first-timers:

You are required to check and fill in personal details at the first time you log-in. Please make sure you enter your preferred email address for correspondence, especially if it is not your CUHK address – correspondence about class details will be made via email.

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Remarks: Please apply for only the module(s) that you intend to participate. If you have registered a module but later find out you cannot attend, please drop it at once to free the place for other students. The record of your attendance will be reported to your Department and Supervisor.

Registration Period
(First Semester Courses) 15 Aug 2022 – 3 days before course start
(Second Semester Courses) 12 Dec 2022 – 3 days before course start

Waiting list:
Registration is first-come-first-served. You will automatically be placed on an ordered waiting list for courses that are already full. If you were able to register for the course eventually, you will receive a notification via email.

1.The "Observing Intellectual Property and Copyright Law during Research" course is compulsory for ALL RESEARCH postgraduate students. Students must complete this online course before graduation. Students who have attended this compulsory course in their previous study may apply for exemption by submitting a declaration form to CLEAR.

    The declaration form for exemption

2.To print attendance record: You may also print your own attendance record in the registration system. After logging in, click “View and Print Course Attendance Record” at the bottom and follow the instructions. Only attendance records of the current academic year can be retrieved from the system.


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