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  New 10-digit Student ID Format

Starting from the academic year 2010 – 11, the student ID numbers of all our undergraduates and postgraduates were changed from an 8-digit to a 10-digit format.


With the enrollment in two new colleges starting from 2010 and the increase in our student population due to the introduction of the new 4-year curriculum in 2012, our 8-digit student ID format can no longer serve the needs.  The Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) Steering Committee had therefore worked together with all colleges, faculties and administrative units to design a new student ID format.  Following communication sessions with student user consultation committees of both the Office of Registry Services and the Information Technology Services Centre, the proposed format was approved by Administrative and Planning Committee.  The new format is effective starting from the 2010-11 academic year.


A Unique and Lifelong USID

The new 10-digit format no longer embed information about the student’s admission year nor college affiliation.  But with the deployment of the CUSIS Project in the 2010-11 academic year, these attributes are conveniently displayed on all information systems without much impact to most existing applications and workflows.  Under the new practice, the student ID number is a unique and lifelong identity of a student, regardless of the programme or level he/she is studying or has graduated from.  That is, students returning to further their studies or alumni will continue to use the same student ID number.  This arrangement does facilitate our further development of college system and integration of the academic records of our students.


No Card Replacement for Current Students

Starting from 5 July 2010, all new CU Link cards issued bear the new 10-digit USID.  Besides, to be environmentally responsible, we would not request students admitted before academic year 2010-11 to replace their CU Link cards due to the change of USID format.



We understand that the change in student ID format will cause inconvenience to students and teachers in the short term.  Yet, we appeal for and appreciate your understanding and support.  This change exercise is crucial to the sustainable development of the University. Please visit for further details.