The  Centre for Youth Studies aims to coordinate and synthesize research efforts in different approaches to youth studies, including youth identity, youth policy, youth health, political participation of youth and social psychology of youth, to name a few.

When policy makers are facing the challenging task of formulating public policies to cope with the changing youth scene in Hong Kong, the Centre strives to serve the society as a platform to disseminate knowledge and research data for public policy making and evaluation, and to offer answers to various youth issues, from political participation to social policy related to youth.

The specific objectives of the Centre include:

(1) To promote interdisciplinary and collaborative youth studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and to develop youth studies research as a strategic focus in the social science related disciplines;

(2) To set up a platform for external collaboration with overseas academic institutions on youth studies and comparative youth research; and

(3) To generate impactful policy implications for youth in Hong Kong and the region.

Specific Research Lines:

The Centre draws on the existing expertise of the members to streamline research into six areas:

(1)Social exclusion, delinquency, transition, mobility, employment and youth empowerment

(2)Youth Citizenship, Online Mobilization and Political Participation

(3)Social Psychology of Youth and Family

(4)Subculture, Social Media Use, Cultural and Media Consumption

(5)Youth’s Physical and Psychological Health

(6)Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship among Youngsters