Youth Political Participation and Social Media Use 

To examine the roles of youth’s social media use in their offline and online political participation, this project conducted a mobile phone survey among Hong Kong permanent residents aged 15-29 (N=829). It aimed to generate impactful policy implications for youth and to enhance the political participation of youth as the positive force of transformative social change.

(Research Report)

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children in Hong Kong

This linked project with Utrecht University will adopt the standardized protocol of a World Health Organization collaborative cross-national survey (Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, HBSC) and conduct a school-based survey through self-completion questionnaires administered in the classrooms. The specific population selected for sampling is young people attending school aged 11, 13, and 15. The recommended sample size for each of the three age groups is set at approximately 1,500 students, totalling 4,500 students for each cycle.

A field trial project has been established. Centre for Youth Studies is collaborating with Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment to implement a questionnaire survey at 10 primary schools and 10 secondary schools. The findings would help us to gain insight into the well-being and health behaviours of school-aged children in their social context.