ICM Staff Quarter - Panacea Lodge

About the Panacea Lodge

  • The Panacea Lodge is the staff quarter of the Institute of Chinese Medicine (ICM) and is situated in the University’s main campus. There are 9 units with 32 beds (with shared kitchen, bath and dining room) for letting out. Panacea Lodge is not provided any internet services and there is no University Wifi signal.

Eligibility and Priority of Residents

  1. First Priority: ICM staff, i.e. staff whose salary is charged to an ICM account
  2. Second Priority: (a) ICM visitor, or (b) ICM affiliated staff, i.e. staff working on Chinese medicine or related projects not under ICM accounts
  3. Third Priority: staff or visitor of other CUHK departments
  • Allocation within the same category is made on a first come, first served basis. Occupants applying for extension of stay will have priority over new applicants of the same category, on condition that the total period of stay is not more than 24 months unless otherwise approved by ICM.
  • All COVID-19 vaccination measures are subject to the University regulations.

Terms of Occupancy

  1. The allocation of bed space at the Panacea Lodge is on a temporary basis, normally for six months or upon the expiry of the employment/visitorship at the University, whichever is shorter. Application for renewal should be submitted in writing 2 months prior to expiration and renewal will be subject to availability of space, where the priority guidelines will come into place.
  2. Occupants should move out from the Panacea Lodge immediately upon expiration of the occupancy terms, or should they resign or be transferred to other departments, or their contract with the University expired or be terminated by the University.
  3. The Institute of Chinese Medicine reserves the right to require the occupant to reallocate to another room or to withdraw the allocation of bed space before expiration of the occupancy term.

Accommodation Cost

    1. Rental
      • Single bedroom - HK$5,000, HK$5,300, HK$6,000 and HK$7,000 per month (depends on its room size).
      • The above rates will be reviewed by the Institute of Chinese Medicine from time to time and subject to change.
    2. Deposit Fee
      • Each resident is required to pay for a deposit fee of one month's rental (Effective from 1 April 2021) when check-in to the hostel, and it will be returned when successfully complete the check-out procedure.
        (Residents must provide a bank account in Hong Kong)

Application Period

  • ICM staff –anytime
  • ICM visitor or affiliated staff – from 6 months to 1 week prior to the date of arrival
  • Staff or visitor of other CUHK departments – from 1 month to 1 week prior to the date of arrival

Application Procedures

  • Completed application form, together with supporting document such as invitation letter or appointment letter, should be forwarded to the General Office of the Institute of Chinese Medicine.


  • Confirmation of booking will be issued after receipt of the completed application form. Booking will only be confirmed upon the applicant’s signing of the letter of acceptance.


  • The accommodation cost is to be paid by bank transfer, or by direct salary deduction through the Bursary mechanism or by a standing instruction for transfer of fund from the account of the department concerned for visitors with honorarium and for those whose rentals are to be paid by the department on top of their salary.


  • Any amendment or cancellation of booking should be made one month prior to the scheduled arrival. The Institute of Chinese Medicine reserves the right to reallocate the bed space should the arrival be postponed for over 1 month, and may not guarantee a bed space thereafter under such circumstances.


  • The Institute of Chinese Medicine may, at its absolute discretion, reject an application or terminate the tenancy with an individual.

Further Information