Academic and Professional Qualifications

Ph.D (Japanese History), April 1996

Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University.
Specialty: Early Modern and Modern Japanese History
Subfields: Medieval Japanese History and Modern Chinese History
Dissertation Topic: "The I Ching in Tokugawa Thought and Culture"
Dissertation Supervisors and Referees:
  1. Marius B. Jansen, Emeritus Professor of Japanese History
  2. Martin C. Collcutt, Professor of Japanese History, Chair
  3. Ying-shih Yu —]‰pŽž, Professor of Chinese History

Master of Arts (Japanese History), April 1992

Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University .

Academic Advisor:

Marius B. Jansen

Master of International Affairs (Sino-Japanese Relations), April 1988

Department of Area Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
Master's Thesis:

u ‘å‰Ķ“ą•¶‘‚ÉŒ©‚ē‚ź‚é“ś–{‘ŲŻ’†‚Ģ‰©…Œ› v
("Huang Tsun-hsien in Japan: A Study of the okochi Documen")
This research was awarded the Kinomiya Yasuhiko Prize for Sino-Japanese Cultural
Interchange in Japan, October 1987

Academic Advisor: Masashi Ando

Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honors; Major: Japanese & Chinese History), September 1985

Department of History, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Senior Thesis:

u“––‘āj“c‘å›{“I’†š —Æ›{¶‹³ˆē v
("The Role of Waseda University in Educating the Chinese in the Late Ch'ing Period")

Academic Advisor: Yue-him Tam

Visiting Researcher and Non-Degree Graduate Studies

1. Kansai University , Foreign Researcher, June-July 2003
2. University of Tokyo , Japan (Japanese History), July 1993 - September 1994
@ Advisor: Hiroshi Watanabe
3. University of British Columbia , Canada (Japanese History), September 1988 -May 1989
  Advisor: Robert Kramer
4. Ewha University, Korea (Korean Studies), Summer 1992.

Membership of Professional Organizations

1. American Historical Association ( USA )

2. Association for Asian Studies ( USA )

3. Sino-Japanese Studies Group ( USA )

4. Japan Anthropology Workshop ( Japan )

5. China-Japanese Sociological Society ( Japan )

6. Shibusawa International Research Group ( Japan )

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