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Introduction and Scope

Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) is an academic journal, which comprises research content from both general linguistics and Chinese linguistics (Languages in China). It is edited by a distinguished editorial board of international expertise. There are two publications: Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) and Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series (JCLMS).

JCL and JCLMS articles published from 1973 to present have covered many linguistic sub-disciplines of the languages in China (JCL vision by WSYW, 1973). The authors explore a variety of general linguistic areas such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics. The articles published are also inter-disciplinary across with other academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics, psycholinquistics, sociolinguistics, neaurolinguistics, evolutionary linguistics and more. Moreover, authors have investigated languages in contact, language change, language families, and Chinese writing systems, as well. The factors of history, culture, psychology, politics and social changes have also been intuitively blended in with scientific research processes in the papers. Research methods include experimental, comparative, as well as historical document review, linguistic reconstruction and many case studies. The research endeavors, conducted by scientific research methods, publish their results in JCL either mainly in English with abstracts in both languages. (See also JCL Home Page)

For more than 40 years, the Journal has proved itself to be a publication to encourage scholarly communication for advancing knowledge in the field of Chinese Linguistics (Languages in China) with distinguished vision, history, results, and innovative spirit. JCL’s well-established influence as a leading international journal in its field is attested by its inclusion by

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We welcome all scholars whose research involves issues in the theory of language and in exploration and description of Chinese languages to contribute your research discoveries to JCL for sharing your new knowledge and for further scholarly communication.


Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) 是以普通语言学和中国语言学相结合为研究内容,科学研究方法为探索途径,英汉语为交流媒介的国际性专业研究期刊 (学术展望, WSYW, 1973)。由优秀的语言学专家为编审。《中国语言学报》通过两个出版物公布研究成果: 中国语言学报及中国语言学报专著系列,其内容有普通语言学包括语音,音韵,词形,句法,语法,语义,语用学研究;跨学科研究包括应用语言学, 历史语言学,计算机语言学,心理语言学,社会语言学, 脑神经语言学等研究;研究还包括语言接触,语言变化,语言族系,文字历史等研究。其研究成果使历史, 文化,社会,心理科学,政治知识融为一体,其研究方法包括科学试验,语言比较,历史文献证明,模拟理论,案例研究等。文章语言以英文为主兼收优秀中文文章;文章提要则中英文并用。这部具有历史 (1973~) 的语言学研究期刊从创刊起就鼓励学术交流及新发现,是一个有远见,有历史, 有经验,有成果,并有学术创新精神的学报。多年来被重要索引摘要文献引用,比如SSCI与A&HCI, 成为有国际影响的中国语言学学术期刊。希望有志趣的学者,了解本学报的研究方向及发展,参与本学报的作者及学者们的学术研究,共同为探索人类语言及中国语言作出有国际水平的研究。