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Journal of Chinese Linguistics Cumulative Indexes and Abstracts:
Journal Volumes 1-35 (1973~2007) & Monograph Series Numbers 1-22 (1982~2007)
(Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series no.23)


1. JCL Volume 1~35 (1973~2007) Index
with abstract in both English and Chinese

2. JCLMS Numbers 1~22 (1982~2007) Index
with introduction and abstracts

3. JCL and JCLMS Titles Index
with titles in both English and Chinese

4. JCL and JCLMS Authors Index
in citation format in both English and Chinese

5. JCL and JCLMS Classified Subjects Indexes
with keywords and keyword-strings in both English and Chinese:

5.1 Topics 
5.2 Languages 
5.3 Names of Persons Index
5.4 Organizations 
5.5 Publications 
5.6 Meetings 

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See also  JCL online indexes


Cumulative Indexes 综合索引
On the page http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/journal/jcl/jcl/publication.html
With a searchable box by author, subject, title, and volume