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MONOGRAPH SERIES NO. 1-29 (1982-2019)
(To view abstracts in English and Chinese, click here and find a number in JCL monograph series section)

Number 1 (1982) 
Phonological Variation in 15th Century Korean by Namgui Chang
Number 2 (1985) 
Ancient Chinese and Early Mandarin by Tsai-fa Cheng
Number 3 (1991)
Languages and Dialects of China  edited by William S-Y.Wang
Number 4 (1991)
Studies in Old Northwest Chinese by W.South Coblin  
Number 5 (1992)   
Chinese Surnames and the Genetic Difference between North and South China by Ruofu Du et al
Number 6 (1993) 
The Formation of Modern Chinese Lexicon and Its Evolution toward a National Language: The Period from 1840 to 1898 by Federico Masini
Number 7 (1994)   
A Compendium of Phonetics in Northwest China   by W.South Coblin
Number 8 (1995)  
The Ancestry of the Chinese Language  edited by William S-Y.Wang
Number 9 (1996)
Readings in Chinese Natural Language Processing  edited by Chu-ren Huang, et al
Number 10 (1997)  
Studies on the History of Chinese Syntax  edited by Chaofen Sun
Number 11 (1997)
Exploring the Dynamic Aspect of Sound Change by Zhongwei Shen
Number 12 (1997)
The Subgroup Structure of the Tai Languages: A Historical-Comparative Study  by Yongxian Luo 
Number 13 (1999) 
The Biological Bases of Language edited by Ovid J. L. Tzeng
Number 14 (1999)  
Contemporary Studies on the Min Dialects   edited by Pang-Hsin Ting
Number 15 (1999) 
Issues in Chinese Dialect Description and classification  edited by Richard VanNess Simmons     
Number 16 (2001)
Tonal Evoluion from Pre-Middle Chinese to Modern Pekinese by Chung-Yu Chen
Number 17 (2001)
Tone, Stress and Phythm in Spoken Chinese edited by Hana Triskova
Number 18 (2002)
Representation of Cantonese with Chinese Characters by CHEUNG Kwan-hin and Robert S. Bauer
Number 19 (2003)
Lexical-Functional Grammar Analysis of Chinese  edited by Adams B. BODOMO and LUKE Kang Kwong
Number 20 (2003)
Lexical Diffusion of Sound Change in Korean and Sino-Korean edited by Sang-Oak Lee, Hyung-Soo Kim, and Ik-sang Eom
Number 21 (2004) Hakka Tone Sandhi: Corpus and Analytical Challenges by Matthew Y Chen, YAN Xiuhong, L.H. Wee
Number 22 (2007)
Aspect[s] of Chaoshan Grammar: A Synchronic Description of the Jieyang Variety by XU Hui Ling
Number 23 (2009)
Journal of Chinese Linguistics Cumulative Indexes and Abstracts: Journal Volumes 1-35 (1973~2007) & Monograph Series Numbers (1982~2007) compiled by Yifeng Wu  
Number 24 (2010)
Diachronic Change and Language Contact: Dialects in South East China / 歷時演變與語言接觸: 中國東南方言, edited by Hung-nin Samuel Cheung 張洪年 and Song Hing Chang 張雙慶
Number 25 (2015)
Linguistic Corpus and Corpus Linguistics in The Chinese Context /漢語語料庫及語料庫語言學, edited by Benjamin K.Tsou 鄒嘉彥 and Oi Yee Kwong 鄺藹兒
Number 26 (2016)
Language Evolution and Changesin Chinese (mainly in Chinese) / 语言演化与汉语变化 (以中文为主), edited by Ik-sang Eom 严翼相 and Zhang Weijia 张维佳
Number 27 (2017)
New Horizons in Evolutionary Linguistics , edited by Peng Gang and Wang Feng
Number 28 (2018)
Phonetic Constancy in the Perception of Chinese Tones  by Zhang Caicai
Number 29 (2019)
The Ancestry of the Lanugages and Peoples of China edited by Kong Jiangping