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CUHK strengthens ties with leading Swiss institutions


Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor, visited three top research institutions in Switzerland, CERN, ETH Zurich (ETHZ), and University of Zurich (UZH), from 10 to 11 March 2015 to forge ties in teaching and research. A number of opportunities were identified, including summer school for physics students and research collaboration in areas such as ageing, biomedical engineering, future cities, innovative medicine, and integrative medicine. Prof. Sung was accompanied by Prof. CHU Ming Chung and Prof. Luis R. Flores-Castillo of the Department of Physics.


CUHK already has some linkages with these institutions. With CERN, there has been collaboration in a summer research programme for undergraduate physics students. Besides, a consortium of Hong Kong physicists led by Prof. Chu was admitted as a member of CERN’s ATLAS experiment. With ETHZ and UZH, CUHK has been exchanging students since 2006.



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