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CUHK will take part in the following activities between 17 June and 31 July 2015:

18 Jun 2015

19 Jun 2015

Incoming Visits


18 Jun 2015

30 Jun 2015


Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

University of California,

Los Angeles, US

Vietnam National University, Vietnam

University of Sussex, UK

Delegation Member(s)

Prof. Alexander von Gabain,

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Commercial Outreach

A 4-member delegation led by Dr. Gene  Block, Chancellor


A 6-member delegation led by Prof. Phung Xuan Nha, President

Prof. Steve McGuire, Head, School of Business, Management & Economics

Mr. Marcus Williams, Director of Student Recruitment, Marketing & International Affairs


To submit comments or propose joint collaborations with particular institution(s), please contact the Office of Academic Links.


A list of incoming visits is updated regularly on a weekly basis. To view the latest list, please visit the following website:




































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