CUHK-LMU Conference on Narrative and Cross-Cultural Humanities


The Departments of English at CUHK and Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) jointly organised a conference on Narrative and Cross-Cultural Humanities at CUHK during 2-5 May 2018. Covering all areas of English studies including literary studies, linguistics and language learning, the Conference sought to situate the concept of narrative in a global cultural environment. Four faculty members from LMU, including Prof. Christoph Bode, Chair of Modern English Literature, joined their counterparts at CUHK to share their works and discuss future joint initiatives. The workshop paved way for further academic exchange and research collaboration between the two universities.


CUHK is an anchor partner of the LMU-China Academic Network set up by LMU, which aims to build collaborations in different scientific areas with leading universities in China.


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