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Journal of Chinese Linguistics vol.9, no.1 (1981)

中国语言学报 9 卷 1 期 (1981)

Article 文章

A sociolinguistic analysis of the logographic writing system of Chinese

Benjamin K.Y. T'sou 邹嘉彦

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Perceptual dimensions of tone: Evidence from Cantonese

Jack Gandour

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The development of aspiration in Sino-Korean and relative phonological strength

Namgui Chang 张南基

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The evolution of passive and disposal sentences

Paul A. Bennett 本涅特

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Final particles and expression of modality in modern Chinese
说 "呢"

Viviane Alleton 艾乐桐

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Speech recoding in silent reading: A comparison of Chinese and English
文学、语音与阅读理解: 中英文的比较

Rebecca A. Treiman; Jonathan Baron

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Report 报告

The inaugural meeting of The Linguistics Association of China

Benjamin K.Y. T'sou 邹嘉彦

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Toishan glossary project: An interim report

John A. D'Andrea; Timothy Light 黎天睦

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Memoriam 缅怀

Professor Yuan Jiahua

Tao Lin 林焘; Futang Wang 王福堂

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Bibliography 书目

Dissertations and theses in Chinese linguistics (1971-1979) I
中国语言学博士硕士论文 (1971-1979) I

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New Publication 新书

Notice of books and articles

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Corrigenda 勘误

Corrigenda of Volume 8, Number 2

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