Picture of Peggy Mok
Pik Ki Mok
       My Chinese name

            Associate Professor
B.A. (CUHK); M.Phil., Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
Leung Kau Kui Building
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong

peggymok --at-- cuhk dot edu dot hk
Tel:  +852 3943 1768
Fax: +852 2603 7755

Research Interests

Basically, experimental phonetics! I am interested in both speech production and perception, particularly with cross-linguistic and psycholinguistic perspectives. I investigate both segmental and prosodic properties of speech, but focusing more on prosodic aspects in recent years. Speech acquisition in different contexts is an important theme in my research. The phonetic patterns of Hong Kong English form a recent focus. Additionally, I am interested in forensic phonetics, and the bilingual mental lexicon. You can see my publications and research projects I supervise for a general idea of my research interests.

The topic of my PhD thesis is 'Influences on vowel-to-vowel coarticulation', which was supervised by Prof. Sarah Hawkins at the University of Cambridge. I was interested in seeing how different factors affect a presumably physical and universal phenomenon.
I investigated two quasi-independent types of influences on vowel-to-vowel coarticulation: those stemming from the phonological structure of the language and those stemming more from phonetic or physical considerations. You can find details in my publications.

I supervise research projects in phonetics and psycholinguistics.

Donald White
PhD (in progress)
Longitudinal changes in L2 speech patterns
Li Yu Fai
PhD (in progress)
Speech register adaptation by Cantonese adults and children
Chen Shuwen
PhD (in progress) Speech accommodation in first and second languages
Richard Gananathan
PhD (in progress) Ultrasound biofeedback on L2 English production and perception
Zhu Yanjiao
PhD (in progress) L3 acquisition of German by Cantonese learners
Holly Fung
MPhil (in progress)
Gesture and prosody in Cantonese
Li Guo
MPhil (in progress)
Effects of prosodic hierarchy on juncture realization and coarticulation in Cantonese
Zuo Donghui
MPhil (2012)
Formant dynamics of diphthongs in the speech of bilingual identical twins
Qin Zhen
MPhil (2012)
The perception of Cantonese tones by speakers of tone and non-tone languages
Xu Bo MPhil (2013) Cross-linguistic perception of intonation by Cantonese and Mandarin listeners
Jingwen Li
MPhil (2014) Acquisition of lexical stress in bilingual children: English and Cantonese
Donald White
MA (2009)
Speech rhythm development of a balanced Cantonese-English bilingual child
(won the LSHK Outstanding MA Thesis Award in 2009)
Virginia Chung
MA (2009)
Production and perception of Cantonese tones by non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong
Jason Chan
MA (2011)
Lexical stress patterns in Hong Kong English
Guo Li
MA (2012)
Interlanguage Speech Intelligibility Benefit for English-Mandarin bilinguals
Chen Xi
MA (2013)
Lexical stress and musical accent in English songs
Chen Shuwen
MA (2014) Emotion words in the bilingual lexicon
(won the LSHK Outstanding MA Thesis Award in 2014)
Ren Xinran
MA (2015)
A study on Mandarin L2 learners acquiring Korean obstruents in different contexts
Wong Yee Ping
MA (2015) Difference in comprehensibility of spontaenous and read speech of Japanese
Li Xiaolin
MA (2016)
Perception of allophones of moral nasal /N/ by native and non-native speakers
Luo Jingxin
MA (2016)
A study on the perception of Cantonese vowel length contrasts by Mandarin speakers

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  Education background
2007  PhD in Linguistics, University of Cambridge
MPhil in Linguistics, University of Cambridge 
BA in Chinese Language and Literature (minor in English Language and Literature),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (first class honours)
Research Grants
From speech to spelling: Improving Chinese proficiency of non-Chinese speaking students through Cantonese speech learning. Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) Research and Development Projects 2015-16, HKD 1244281
Re-visiting tone acquisition of Cantonese speaking children in Hong Kong. RGC GRF, HKD 622300
2012-2013 A pilot study of intonation in Hong Kong English. CUHK Direct Grant, HKD 50000
A pilot study of the Chinese-English bilingual mental lexicon. CUHK Direct Grant, HKD 90000
Production and perception of juncture characteristics in three varieties of English. CUHK Direct Grant, HKD 100000 and
British Academy/ACU Grants for International Collaboration (with Dr. Jane Setter from University of Reading) GBP 4987
A pilot study of bilingual children acquisition of speech rhythm: Cantonese and English. CUHK Direct Grant, HKD 80255
Work Experience
2014 - present
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2008 to 2013 Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2006 - 2007 Instructor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Undergraduate: Phonetics I (including practical phonetics), Phonetics II, Psycholinguistics
MA: Linguistics Research, Phonetics, Psycholinguistics
Topics in Phonetics
Professional Associations

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Papers and Presentations

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Equipment for research

In addition to high-quality recording equipment (including sound-treated booths) for production research, articulatory equipment is also available:
For perception study, we have eye-trackers (both ToBii and EyeLink models) and ERP facilities in the Department.

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About Me

I am 100% Chinese, born, grew up and spent most of my life in Hong Kong. I am married and have two sons.

My body: enjoys good food, listening to hymns, watching musicals, reading, swimming, hiking and travelling. I love dogs.

My mind: appreciates all things beautiful.

My spirit: is committed to Jesus Christ. I have been a Christian since 12. I go to this church in Hong Kong.

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