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Target: HK$56,000,000

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Project Facilities

We plan the facilities of our Extension with our mission and vision in mind. We emphasize wholistic education, which includes spiritual, intellectual and social development. Hence, the facilities should be made to serve the following needs:

1. Worship
Regular worship is being held on Tuesday and Thursday during term time. Our supporting denominations and other Christian organizations will hold worship and other activities occasionally during term time, and frequently during holiday breaks (especially during summer holidays). A new Chapel that can accommodate 350 persons is needed.

2. Prayer Room
Praying is an essential part of Christian life and of theological education. Instead of using the existing chapel as a prayer room, a properly decorated Prayer Room as an annex to the new Chapel specially allocated for this purpose is needed. The capacity of the Room should be 100 persons.

3. Lectures by Church Leaders
Frequently, we have visitors and scholars who are prominent church leaders from different parts of the world. When they give lectures, it will be more appropriate for their status if a chapel rather than a regular lecture hall is used.

4. Resource and Study Room
With the increased number of programs in recent years, we found ourselves struggling for studying area for our staff and visiting scholars, as well as storage area for our archives and resources. These programs include the Pastoral Program, Mission Enhancement Program, Biblical Studies and Publication, Visiting Scholar Program and Resources Centre for Contemporary Christian Studies. The construction of a new Chapel will provide a good chance to improve our situation by adding extra space for the above said purposes.

5. Accessibility for the Handicapped
It was not a consideration when the Theology Building was built in 1969. We have always wanted to provide easily accessible facilities (such as classrooms, conference room and hostel) for the physically handicapped. They have every right to enjoy the facilities in the Theology Building and we should do our best in ensuring their rights. A Lift Tower will be built that would enable them to have easy access both to the Chapel and to the Theology Building.


Facilities Capacity (sq. m.)
i. Chapel 450
ii. Prayer Room 100
iii. Activity Area 200
iv. Resource and Study Room 250
v. Supporting Facilities 150
vi. Service and Circulation 300
Total Capacity 1,450


The proposed Chapel building will put an extension to the existing Theology Building. The old and new blocks would tie together to form a united entity. Common facilities such as lift service, study and resource room would provide long needed amenities to the Divinity School of Chung Chi College. The open space in front of the existing Building will become the entrance court serving both blocks. The tranquil yet joyful Chapel would be the essence of the extension. The new Chapel would reincarnate and reinforce the symbolic image of the Divinity School in the Chung Chi College, CUHK.

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