Admission Requirement


Current local and overseas undergraduates and postgraduates who wish to apply for July and August intensive programmes should forward application to the Office of Summer Programmes (OSP), where you can receive concession on student facilities and get transcript directly issued by CUHK. More information at:


For other status and programmes, application can be forwarded to the Chinese Language centre (CLC). The following admission requirements are applicable to CLC direct applicants.

Applicants should be, upon enrolment, 16 years old or above. Written consent from parents or guardians is required for applicants below 18. Accommodation is only provided to applicants whose age is 18 or above;
Those who apply for award-bearing programme should at least attained minimum Hong Kong secondary five or equivalent educational level upon admission;
At the beginning stage of the course, substantial English will be used. It is desirable for applicants to possess functional ability in English to ease learning and living in Hong Kong. However, it is NOT an entry pre-requisite. The centre has other language support such as Japanese and Korean;

Non-Hong Kong resident or non-working visa holder is required by law to apply for student visa in all study programmes. The centre can sponsor student visa to those in need provided that applicants has enrolled into a full-time study (at least 12 sessions/ week) with the centre;
Important Notice>>> regarding student visa sponsorship

Applicant who does not enjoy the visa waiver concession; or a visa/entry permit is required before coming to Hong Kong , he or she MUST pay up the Application Fee, the Deposit and the first term tuition fee before the visa application processing. HKSAR visa requirements for the foreign countries/ territories are listed at
Non-beginners who are applying for non-beginner courses have to fulfill the placement requirement, which is usually conducted online at

"Relaxation of employment restriction for non-local students” and “Immigration arrangement for non-local graduates” are not applicable to language study students/ graduates. “Quality Migrant Admission Scheme” has quota and applicant’s language ability is only one of the many criteria in the successful application of the scheme.



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