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Some Partners of CLC in CUHK

The Office of Academic Links (OAL) is part of CUHK's commitment to international education. It is responsible for developing and managing academic partnerships with institutions outside of Hong Kong. OAL provides supporting services to staff and students engaging in academic exchange activities including staff and student exchange programmes, and joint teaching and research initiatives. It promotes international education through coordination of student exchange programmes and administration of the International Asian Studies Programme.
Today the University has over 150 student exchange partners in 23 countries and more than 400 students from around the world are on exchange at CUHK. Each year, there are approximately 130 exchange students studying Putonghua and Cantonese in CLC.

ELTU offers a range of course that aim to improve students’ competence in English and their ability to use English effectively in communication. It is an academic department within the Faculty of Arts whose mission is to:

  • Provide English language enhancement opportunities for CUHK students at all levels of proficiency and in all areas of need.
  • Raise awareness of the English language enhancement needs of CUHK students and design a coherent and comprehensive range of courses to meet them.
  • Seek out opportunities to work with departments and faculties across the university to address the specific English language learning needs of their students.
  • Ensure that teaching learning and assessment strategies in all ELTU course are informed by research, quality assurance processes and a concern for best practice.








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