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| Number 186    August 2021 |

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The Twenty-First Century Review
“Dual Circulation” and the Transformation of the Chinese Economy
“Dual Circulation” and China’s Domestic Demand
Wang Xiao-lu
The Crux of China’s Balanced Economic Growth and Its Solutions
Zhou Tian-yong,
Xu Wen-li
“Dual Circulation”, Global Value Chain, and Additive Manufacturing: Preliminary Thoughts on China’s New Development Strategy
Cui Zhi-yuan
Research Articles
From Individual Liberation to Organizational Obedience: The Influences of Emotion on Revolutionary Youths in the Early Years of the Chinese Communist Party
Xu Liang
Early Inner-party Struggle in the Soviet Area of Fujian: Reexamining the Incident of Division of Troops between Fu Baicui and the Special Committee of Western Fujian
Liu Shui-zhan
Inner-party Struggle in the Northwest Revolutionary Base Area during the Early Days of the Chinese Communist Party: Focusing on the Relationship between Liu Zhidan and Xie Zichang
Ying Xing,
Rong Si-heng
The Implementation of the Policy of Grain Tax in Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region during the Second Sino-Japanese War (Part I)
Chen De-jun
Research Notes
Social Movements in Rural China during the Era of Collectivization, and a Review of Farewell to the Ideal, The Road Leading to the Collective, and Xigou
Ma Yu-long
View on the World
The Practice of Exhibition in OCAT Shenzhen and Institutional Critique of Art
Guo Qian
Book Reviews
The Dignity and Introspection of a Historian: A Review on Ishikawa Yoshihiro, How the “Red Star” Rose: The Early Images of Mao Zedong
Zhou Jun
A Dialogue between Political History and Culture Study: A Review on James Z. Gao, The Communist Takeover of Hangzhou: The Transformation of City and Cadre, 1949-1954
Dong Guo-qiang,
Gu Di-fei,
Xu Yao
Tripartite Interactions
From the Editor’s Desk