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| Number 190    April 2022 |

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The Twenty-First Century Review
China’s Journey toward Constitutional Transformation Reconsidered
Rethinking the Relationship between The Common Program of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Tradition of Chinese Deliberative Democracy
Ren Jian-tao
On the Constitutional Amendment Issue of the 1982 Chinese Constitution
Gao Quan-xi
A Review of the Narrative of the Leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in the Chinese Constitution (1954-2018)
Qin Qian-hong
Research Articles
“Military Supplies Take Priority over Daily Necessities”: A Study of China’s Assistance to the Railway System in North Korea (1950-1955)
Xie Ding-yuan
A Historical Retrospective of the Sino-Vietnamese Border Issue after the Second World War
You Lan
The Settling of the Border Issue between China and Laos amid the Transformation of Sino-Vietnamese Relations (1971-1992)
Feng Yi-ming
Criticism and Response
Safeguarding Ethnic Autonomy and Ethnic Characteristics: A Review on Zhao Ding-xin, “Empires and Prevailing Ideologies: The Rise, Development, and Future of Nationalism and Nationalistic Movements”
Sun Yan
View on the World
From Harvard Yard to Divinity Avenue: The Harvard-Yenching Institute’s Two Homes
Li Ruo-hong
Research Notes
A Review of the Archives of the Chinese Communist Party Collected by the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau of Taiwan
Lin Wei-jie
Book Reviews
Is a History of the Chinese Communist Revolution without Mao Zedong Possible? A Review on Li Jin-zheng, Revisit the Revolution
Mao Sheng
A Century of Party History beyond Grand Narratives: A Review on Timothy Cheek, Klaus Mühlhahn, and Hans van de Ven, eds., The Chinese Communist Party: A Century in Ten Lives
Zhou Qi
Tripartite Interactions
From the Editor’s Desk