RCT Research Programme Fund

To promote high quality research in translation studies, RCT has recently set up the RCT Research Programme Fund to support research programmes/projects in translation studies. In line with the Centre's current research focus, the projects will mainly be related to Translation Studies in Asia, particularly its history, practices and influences in the highly diversified cultures of the Asian countries. Such projects usually run for two years, and for each approved project, a grant of up to HK$100,000 a year will be provided to support the organization of a workshop or mini conference on campus at CUHK, which will lead to an edited volume on the project topic. These edited volumes will be included in one of the translation studies series published by RCT in collaboration with reputable international presses. Logistics support for organizing the workshops and conferences will also be provided by the Centre. Initially, the fund only supports projects undertaken by members of the RCT, including the honorary research fellows and honorary research associates. But it is expected that in about a year's time, when the source of funding is stable, it will be open for application to all interested researchers; and successful applicants, in addition to the approved funding, will be appointed as honorary research fellows or honorary research associates at the RCT during the project period.

Projects Supported by RCT Research Programme Fund (2011–2012):

I. Translation and Colonial Rule in Asia
II. Sinologists as Translators in the 17-19th Century
III. Translation and Modernization in East Asia in the 19th and early 20th century
IV. Translation Activities of the Missionaries in the Late Ming and Early Qing
V. Database of Studies in Chinese Translation History

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