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Renditions CD-ROM Series
A CD-ROM series brings popular out-of-print titles to a new generation of readers.

Rates for Renditions CD-ROM Series:
Hong Kong: HK$99@
Overseas: US$13.50@

Selections from novels and short stories from the 16th to 20th century including new interpretations of such classics as The Red Chamber Dream and The Journey to the West.
Renditions No. 2: Special Fiction Issue
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A collection of chuanqi, zaju, Peking opera and modern plays: from the Yuan dynasty to the 20th century.
Renditions No. 3: Special Drama Issue
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Collection of essays and pictures covering most periods of Chinese art and interpreting every aspect, particularly in relation to poetry. Copiously illustrated with paintings, calligraphy and handscrolls.
Renditions No. 6: Special Art Issue
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Ci (tz'u) or 'song words', the poetry form most popular during the Song dynasty, are represented here.
Nos. 11 & 12: Special Issue on Tz'u
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Middlebrow Fiction
Traditional style novels produced largely in the late Qing and early Republican eras, written by P'u Sung-ling, Han Pang-ch'ing, Tseng P'u and Chang Hen-shui.
Renditions Nos. 17 & 18: Special Issue: Middlebrow Fiction
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Chinese Literature Today
Modern prose, fiction, poetry and drama from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora.
Nos. 19 & 20: Special Issue: Chinese Literature Today
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Contemporary Women Writers
A collection of fiction and poetry from women writers in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the works of Eileen Chang, Lin Haiyin, Li Ang, Xi Xi, and Wang Anyi.
Renditions Nos. 27 & 28: Special Issue: Contemporary Women Writers
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Hong Kong
A wide range of writings on Hong Kong and/or by Hong Kong authors including essays, poetry, fiction, prose and drama.
Nos. 29 & 30: Special Issue: Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Nineties
Featuring prose and fiction by both established authors and newer voices, and a poetry section devoted to the works of young Hong Kong poets who emerged in the 1990s.
Nos. 47 & 48: Special Issue: Hong Kong Nineties
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The Old Man and Other Stories
By Chen Ruoxi
Edited by John Minford and T.L. Tsim

In this collection of five stories, Chen Ruoxi captures the pain of the humble individual crushed by the social and political monolith of modern China more effectively than any other Chinese writer of contemporary fiction.
Renditions Paperback: The Old Man and Other Stories


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