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Record high in student exchange

The University has been working tirelessly to extend its reach across the globe to provide exchange and experiential learning programmes outside Hong Kong with diverse natures, durations and periods. In 2014-15, the University hit a new record in incoming and outgoing exchange students, receiving over 1,500 students and sending out more than 7,200 students through various programmes.


New record was set in the student exchange numbers during the term time. The University sent out 1,170 and received about 1,020 students, up 36% and 5% respectively from the year before. With the phasing out of the double cohort effect this year, the outgoing student number is adjusted to about 1,020, which includes some 980 undergraduates. It is expected the term-time numbers for both inbound and outbound exchange will maintain steadily at around 1,000 from 2016-17.


Opportunities also abound for students to partake in global learning through a diverse spectrum of summer programmes and experiential learning programmes. In the summer of 2015, the University sent over 6,100 students to overseas for short-term programmes and received about 500 international students at campus for the International Summer School and research attachments.


Looking forward, CUHK will continue to forge partnerships to provide greater opportunities and more choices for students to spread their wings and discover the world.





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