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Highlights on global engagement

The Office of Academic Links (OAL) continued to play a key role in the internationalisation of the University in 2014-15, with particular focus on strengthening research partnerships with overseas institutions. In this connection, a total of $2.72m was provided to support some 70 awards for faculty members and some 40 awards for PhD students to undertake inbound and outbound visits/research attachments to promote the development of research partnerships with overseas universities.


CUHK’s international research portfolio was further strengthened through its active participation in the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). The hosting of the WUN Conference and AGM in April 2015 attracted an unprecedented 400 participants from around the world and brought the University in the limelight on the global education arena.


On international relations, over 120 worldwide delegations were received and 115 MOUs were signed with new and existing partners to forge and consolidate partnerships.


Back on campus, OAL expended considerable efforts to address the theme ‘global engagements’ of the quality audit conducted by the Quality Assurance Council of the University Grants Committee. To the delight of the University, the extensive work done for the development and implementation of internationalisation at CUHK and its global engagement strategy were well recognised.


In the year to come, OAL will continue to support the University’s internationalisation plan, extending the footprint of CUHK as a world leading university.




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