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Allowances of up to $200,000 for Bilateral Teaching Exchange Programme

The University is proud to announce an exciting incentive for the Bilateral Teaching Exchange Programme―it has extended its support to provide a monthly allowance of $20,000 for up to five months to visiting faculty members on exchange at CUHK as a trial. With a monthly stipend of $20,000 offered to awarded CUHK faculty, each pair of partners will receive an award of up to $200,000.


The initiative is an effort to encourage faculty members to actively explore teaching exchange opportunities and strengthen their international teaching experience. Under the programme, CUHK faculty members from all disciplines can invite their counterparts from an overseas university to teach at least one UGC-funded undergraduate or research postgraduate course and undertake research for one term at CUHK. In return, the CUHK faculty member will undertake at least one teaching course and conduct research at the host university for one term.


CUHK participants will continue to receive salary and enjoy allowance/benefits while on exchange under the programme1.


The programme accepts applications on a year-round basis. To learn more about the programme, please visit here.


1 Salary and allowance/benefits are provided on the ground of applicable type(s) of leave being granted. Please refer to the Staff Handbook for the relevant regulations on academic leave and other types of leave as needed.






































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