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Share your eyes, share your views

The Office of Academic Links welcomed the visit of two visually impaired students, Lily and Wendy, from Binzhou Medical College, Shangdong during 2-13 October 2015. Ten student helpers from the ORBIS Student Ambassador Campaign of Shaw College served as buddies to the two students. Apart from attending classes at CUHK, the two students also visited museums and primary schools, and joined the activities organised by the Hong Kong Blind Union.


The programme not only provided an opportunity for the two visually impaired students to understand Hong Kong and CUHK, but also allowed the CUHK participants to learn how to interact and take care of youth with special needs. ‘The experience with Lily and Wendy is unforgettable,’ shared Ms. Stella Wong, a year-two student ambassador. ‘I still remember how nervous I was when I first met them, but their independence and self-care ability really impressed me. They showed that physical defects did not make them any weaker than others.’ The students have built a close relationship with Lily and Wendy, and had discussions on various topics like education system and local cultures, through which understanding on the mainland China-Hong Kong differences was deepened.




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