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University Education Award
Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award
Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2006
The Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award Scheme was launched in the year 1999 to give recognition to outstanding teachers. Every year, each Faculty can nominate at least one teacher for the award whose performance in teaching is considered excellent in the eyes of students and other teaching staff. The award serves not only as a recognition of the contributions of the awardees in the area of teaching, but also reflects the University's commitment to providing quality education.
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Mr. Cheung Kam-siu
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Faculty of Arts
Mr. Cheung Kam-siu
"When one studies, one knows his deficiencies in learning; when one teaches, one knows the difficulties of learning."
by Xueji, Liji.

Professor Shige Makino Professor Shige Makino
Department of Management
Faculty of Business Administration

"It is said that heaven does not create one man above or below another man. Any existing distinction between the wise and the stupid, between the rich and the poor, comes down to a matter of education."
by Yukichi Fukuzawa (1872)
Professor Lo Nai-kwai Leslie
Department of Educational Administration and Policy
Faculty of Education
Professor Lo Nai-kwai Leslie
It should be the teachers' labor to show their students ways of understanding matters of their own discovery and appreciating matters that are close to their hearts. This is what I would call enlightenment.
Professor Li Wen-jung Professor Li Wen-jung
Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."
by Herbert Spencer

Professor Chan Ka-leung Francis
Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
Faculty of Medicine
Professor Chan Ka-leung Francis
While transfer of knowledge and skills may make a learned man, nothing short of prolonged devotion to our students suffices to make a medical doctor.
Professor Hui Pak-ming Professor Hui Pak-ming
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science

Professor Mak Wing-sze Winnie
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Social Science

Professor Mak Wing-sze Winnie
Teaching and mentoring are reciprocal and dynamic. In the process of critical exploration, teachers and students become collaborative partners on the road to mutual scholarly development and personal growth.

Professor Liu Xiaogan Professor Liu Xiaogan
Department of Philosophy
(Nominated by the Senate Committee on General Education)
A piece of knowledge easily may become outdated or even forgotten, but ability and method, once acquired, will prove beneficial throughout one's life.

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