Due to change in water, food, and climate, students may experience discomfort after they arrive in Hong Kong. It is strongly advised that students to pay close attention to their health and diet during their stay here. Students are strongly encouraged to buy medical insurance for their whole course of stay in Hong Kong.

The University clinic is not opened to CLC students. However, holders of HKID, student visa, working visa or dependent visa are entitled to local resident rate in public clinics and hospitals during visa effective period. Reference rate:

Service Fees (HK$)
Accident & Emergency
$100 per attendance
General out-patient $45 per attendance
In-patient (convalescent, rehabilitation, infirmary & psychiatric beds) $68 per day
Specialist out-patient (including allied health services) $100 for the 1st attendance, $60 per subsequent attendance, $10 per drug item
Dressing & Injection $17 per attendance

Alternatively, students can visit private doctors in hospitals or clinics. A consultation fee with prescription roughly charges HK$250-350 per visit by general physicians and HK$700-900 by specialists. Hospitalisation (semi-private room and board) is charged HK$600-700 per day.

English, Japanese and Korean speaking clinic information has been posted to the bulletin board at CLC ground floor. For full information on English speaking hospital in Hong Kong, please refer to HK Hospital Authority website at www.ha.org.hk.

For emergencies, please seek prompt treatment at the Accident and Emergency unit of government hospitals. For ambulance and life-threatening emergencies, dial 999, the emergency hotline.

For protection against influenza, students are reminded to be vigilant and observe good personal and environmental hygiene.

Consult doctors promptly if any symptoms of respiratory tract infection develop, and wear a mask (available for sale at CLC office, HK$1.0 each).
Proper hand washing is an effective hygiene practice to avoid contracting and spreading communicable diseases.
Avoid going to crowded places and if the ventilation is poor, wear a mask to protect yourself and others.
Build up body immunity by proper diet, exercise, adequate rest and avoid smoking.

CUHK Health Promotion and Protection homepage: www.cuhk.edu.hk/health_promote_protect