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1. Computer-based Training (CUSIS Student Functions)

a. Credit Transfer (English) (Chinese)

2. FAQs

1. How to submit a credit transfer in CUSIS
Under CUSIS homepage, click ‘Applications’ button. Click the menu item “Transfer Credit / Exemption” on the left hand side menu. Then click “Add New Application” button to fill in the online form.
2. What is “Articulated Term”?
“Articulated Term” is the term when you participated in the exchange program.
3. What should I include in my supporting document? What should be the format and size of the supporting document?
You should include softcopies of course description, certificates and/or transcripts from the external institution. The document should be in a single PDF or JPEG file with size limit of 5 MB or below.
4. How can I check the result of my credit transfer application?
You can check your application status in the Application Summary page of Transfer Credit / Exemption.
5. Is there any payment method other than Credit Card to pay for credit transfer application?
You can only pay by Credit Card for online credit transfer application. However, if you submit the application in person, you can make payment at Hang Seng Bank or pay by EPS at the concerned offices.
6. Can I apply credit transfer before the official result released in external universities?
If the grades are not available at the time of application, please input "NA" in the grade field. However, it is only applicable to final year Undergraduate students who go for exchange in their last term of study at 2010).
7. Can I transfer credits if there is no direct equivalent course at CUHK? What is the use of “Transfer Type” - Course, Elective, GE, Major, Minor?
If there is no comparable course available at CUHK, you can apply for unit exemptions. Please indicate the unit(s) to be applied for exemption for "Major', 'Minor', 'GE' or 'Elective' as appropriate under the ‘Transfer Type’. ("Major", "Minor", "Elective", or "GE" are for both UG Non-AD/HD students, “Elective” is for PG students.)
8. How can I check my payment status if I was disconnected while my credit card payment is being processed?
You can check the latest payment status in the Transaction Details in the Application Submission Report. Go to the Application Summary page and click the “Submission No./Status” link.


3. Reference units

a. Registration and Examinations Section

b. Graduate School Office


Last Update: 26 May 2020