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Online Registration


1. Computer-based Training (CUSIS Student Functions)

a. Online Registration (For New Undergraduates) (English) (Chinese)

b. Online Registration (For New Postgraduates) (English) (Chinese)


2. User Guide

a. Online Registration (For New Undergraduates)

b. Online Registration (For New Postgraduates)

3. FAQs

1. Is online registration required for all kinds of students in CUHK?
Online registration is required for all newly admitted undergraduates, PGDE, PGDP students and postgraduates (exclude PGDE/PGDP) whose offers issued in July 2010 and thereafter.
2. Where can I get my login ID and OnePass password?
Login ID is your email addresses ( and OnePass password is the password of your OnePass account. Please read the information at on getting your login ID and OnePass password.
3. What is the difference between “Nationality” and “Place of Origin”?
“Nationality” is referring to your passport issuing country while “Place of Origin” should be the country where you come from.
4. What should be the format and size of my student photo for upload?
You should upload your student photo in JPEG format with the size limit of 1M or below.
5. What should be the format and size of the softcopies of my HKID card or Passport for upload?
You should upload the softcopies of your HKID card or Passport in JPEG format with the size limit of 5M or below.
6. What is the use of my uploaded student photo?

Your uploaded student photo will be stored in CUSIS, which will be used for:

  • Administrative staff’s and instructors’ reference
  • CU Link Card printing
7. Can I change my uploaded photo for CU Link Card?

Before you complete the online registration, you can still delete your uploaded photo by clicking the delete button in the Upload Document page and upload a new photo again. However, you are not allowed to change the uploaded photo after the completion of online registration.

You would later be informed by your admission offices to collect your CU Link Card. You can then visit Card Centre in person to request for a change of photo with an administrative fee of HK$130.

8. Can I update my submitted information after the online registration?

After submitting the online registration form, you will not be able to open it again. However, you can still update the following personal information via CUSIS:

  • Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contacts

Please note that you will not be able to delete your Campus email address, Home and Mobile phone number.

For name, you will need to contact your corresponding central administrative units for any changes.


4. Reference units

a. Registration and Examinations Section

i. Information for Online Student Registration

b. Graduate School Office




Last Update: 28 Sep 2020