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  User Guides & FAQs: Students

General Information


1. Computer-based Training (CUSIS Student Functions)

a. View My Academics (English) (Chinese)

b. Edit Addresses (English) (Chinese)

c. Add Email Addresses (English) (Chinese)

d. Add Phone Numbers (English) (Chinese)

e. Add Emergency Contact (English) (Chinese)


2. User Guides (Specific guides can be found in corresponding FAQ pages)

a. MyCUHK User Guide

b. Student Opt-in Life-long Email Service

c. Online Leave Application (for Postgraduate Students only)


3. FAQs

1. What is the supported browser for CUSIS?
Please click here for details.
2. What is CUHK Specific Chinese Fonts?
Please click here for details.
3. I got the error “此功能只支援英語 (21000,770) 請把系統語言設定為英語, 並重按功能連結”. What should I do?
Please click here for details.
4. How to set English as my default display language in CUSIS?
From 14 Mar, a new setting was applied such that logging in CUSIS through either of the following links would have English as default display language.
For CUSIS functions, please click the CUSIS button direct,
Please also be reminded to clear your browser cache before visiting the above links. Otherwise, the cached information of your browser may be out of sync and end with an error page.
5. I have successfully logged into OnePass. But there is no information linked to MyCUHK/CUSIS. What’s happened?
From 11 Mar 2020, access to MyCUHK/CUSIS has been made through another login system, and is no longer using OnePass System that you may have bookmarked. Please log in MyCUHK/CUSIS at or (please clear your browser cache before login). The login screen should be the same as the one published at CUSIS has a new interface, please refer to the updated user guide for details.
6. I can't locate related functions in the new MyCUHK/CUSIS.
For non-CUSIS functions, such as CUHK Financial System/Blackboard/IOPAS/Taleo/CUPIS, you can search the function using the portal global search function (the magnifying glass icon on the purple portal header band).
For CUSIS functions, please click the CUSIS button direct,
  • Students can further use the search function inside CUSIS to search. (Reminder: CUSIS function cannot be searched through portal global search function)
  • Teaching staff would find a list of all available functions displayed.
  • Department/faculty admin staff should click the “CUSIS” link under “CUSIS Administrative Services” and find the look and feel of the CUSIS system remain unchanged after the upgrade, and be able to locate the same functions as before.




Last Update: 25 Nov 2020