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Make Online Payments


1. Computer-based Training (CUSIS Student Functions)

a. Making Online Payments (PPS)

b. Making Online Payments (WeChat, AliPay, UnionPay or BoCPay)

c. Making Online Payments (FPS)


2. User Guide

a. Make Online Payments

3. FAQs

1. What kinds of payment in CUHK can I pay online through CUSIS and what are the available payment methods?

You can pay the following fees online through the “Make a Payment” page in CUSIS:


  • Tuition fee o Hostel fee
  • Student Union Fee
  • Late payment Penalties
  • Orientation Camp Fee

Besides, for Credit Transfer application, you can pay by Credit Card through the Credit Transfer/Exemption application form.

2. How can I view my outstanding fee?
You can view your outstanding fee through the “Financial Account > Charges Due” page in CUSIS.

3. Can I print my debit note online?

You can print your debit note via the function


"Print Online Debit Notes". Click here for details.


4. Reference unit

a. Finance Office

i. Financial Guides - Student Fees




Last Update: 26 Jan 2022