Current Research in Chinese Linguistics (CrCL)

Catalogues and Articles

Volume 102  Number 1 (January 2023)

1 On the Pronunciation Differences of the Initial Chong in Cantonese Dialect (in Chinese)
  Jimin Teng
19 Public Acceptability of Cantonese Phonological Variations: Ranking and Rationale (in Chinese)
  Cantonese Read-Aloud Test Work Group
37 Stylistic Vacancy and Lexical Replacement: A Case Study on Personal Nouns in Hong Kong Cantonese (in Chinese)
  Yuen Sau Chan
47 Four Usages of “Guo” in Guangzhou Dialect as Aspect Marker (in Chinese)
  Yankai Huang and Heyou Zhang
65 Preverbal Dak1 in Cantonese
  Wilson Lui
81 Cantonese Sentence-final Particles Pertaining to the TP Domain
  Siu-Pong Cheng
101 An Attempt to Differentiate Two Epistemic SFPs in Hong Kong Cantonese
  Ka Fai Law
113 The Status of Cantonese under the Hong Kong Law (in Chinese)
  Minghon Hsu
131 Postscript (in Chinese)
  Sze-Wing Tang
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