Current Research in Chinese Linguistics (CrCL)

Catalogues and Articles

Volume 99  Number 1 (January 2020)

Special Topic: The 22nd International Conference on Yue Dialects
1 Foreword (in Chinese)
  Andy C. Chin, Shin Kataoka and Hin-Tat Cheung
Keynote Speeches
3 “West End Speech”: The Sound of Urbanity of Canton and Hong Kong That Expanded to Shanghai (in Chinese)
  May Bo Ching
11 From “Ding1Dong1” to “Ding4Ling1Dong4Long4”: Reflections on Yue – Cantonese Quadra-syllabic Expressions
  Benjamin K. Tsou
Parallel Sessions
21 The Reconstruction of Proto-Yue Vowel System: An Improvement of Huang’s System (2009)
  Giorgio (Georg) Orlandi
37 Innovations on Fenyun Cuoyao: Textual History and Phonological Reconstruction (in Chinese)
  R. Y. H. Sham
73 Analysis of the Pronunciations, Formative Methods of Phrases and Syntax of Medical Communicative Language in the Canton Dialect Noted by John Glasgow Kerr (in Chinese)
  Ling Yann Wong
101 Poster and Photos
105 The Special Pronunciation for the Character “Waan1” in Hong Kong Place Names (in Chinese)
  Chaak-Ming Lau and Sze-Wing Tang
117 The Diversity and Multilayered-ness of Derivational Morphology in Cantonese (in Chinese)
  Hsiufang Yang
137 Defending the Notion of Defocus in Cantonese
  Tommy Tsz-Ming Lee
153 Three Discontinuous Constructions of Cantonese Verbal Suffix Can (in Chinese)
  Ka-Fai Yip
171 Is Cantonese Less Useful Than English? An Investigation of Language Attitudes in the Guangdong Province of China (in Chinese)
  Xing Fang
195 Hong Kong Cantonese and Taiwanese Southern Min Written Language Trends Since the Mid-1990s (in Chinese)
  Masayuki Yoshikawa
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