Undergraduate Education
Postgraduate Education
Certificate Course in Medical Microbiology
Undergraduate Education
The Department is involved in the undergraduate education of medical students, nursing students and other students of healthcare-related disciplines.
Knowledge on Clinical Microbiology was taught through lectures, tutorials and practical classes. Topics such as pathogenesis, natural history, laboratory diagnosis, management and prevention of infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are covered. In the medical curriculum, it is co-ordinated through the Panel of Haematology, Infection and Immunity. In the nursing curriculum, a separate course is offered.
The Department also provides the Basic Infection Control Module (BICM) which is a compulsory module for all students before they are allowed onto clinical attachment. Lectures, hands-on practical classes, online and practical assessment are conducted to ensure students have acquired basic infection control skills and knowledge. Fit-tests of N95 Respirator on all medical students are provided.
Selected study modules (SSM) are offered to medical students. Please find the list of topics here.
Honesty in Academic work. The Department conforms to the University’s requirement of honesty in academic work.