Batch 9 students triumphed at the 2019 Central European Case Competition

Three IBCE Students won the Champion of the international case competition in Budapest, Hungary, as representatives of the CUHK Case Competition Team

The 2019 Central European Case Competition was a week-long event held by the Corvinus Business School in Budapest, Hungary. Amongst 16 Teams from top business schools around the world, the CUHK Team had stood out in the 24-hour case. The teams were required to deliver a merger and acquisition strategy for Hungary’s largest bank, OTP Bank, as it targeted to tap into Kosovo’s banking industry. Given only 24 hours to complete their deliverables, the team had formulated a three-pronged, financially-solid, and post-merger integration-focused expansion strategy. The representing team is composed of three IBCE Batch 9 students including Sean Tam, Nicholas Ng, and Crystal Gee.

Cultural Exposure

Other than grand presentations done in front of a 10-people judging panel, cultural programs such as city hunt and company visits were organized. Together with participants around the globe, our students explored foods, festivals and the history of Budapest. These opportunities enabled exchange in opinions and values, and more importantly, to get to know a new country from the mouth of a local. Besides, the interactions helped to improve our case-cracking skills by observing different presentation styles and logic flow.

International Friendships

The week-long competition offered a unique opportunity to mingle and create lasting friendships with participants around the world. The team interacts closely with their ‘buddy’, a student from the host university who acts as the first gateway to the country and supports the team during case preparations. Occasionally, the team reunites with fellow participants from previous competitions and strengthen the bond as companions as they further hone their skills in case cracking.


IBCE students have been actively participating in international case competitions over the years. By joining the CUHK Case Competition Team, they will be receiving intensive business case analyses and presentation training, equipping them with the necessary skills and mindset to compete in local and international case competitions held by renowned universities all around the world.

In case you missed their presentation in the Finals, you may check it out at the CECC facebook page here.