Growth Opportunities

Professional development
A highlight of IBCE is its strong professional development support. We understand that some students may not have a clear career path and this is why various career highlights sessions are held to explore your interests. Furthermore, company visits are organised each year, in which you will be able to to maximise your potential as a competitive job candidate. Past company visits include Swire Group and Disneyland Hong Kong, where the Director of Revenue Management and Analytics team were there to illustrate their business model during a visit to Disneyland.

Case Analysis Training
IBCE provides many opportunities to streamline your business knowledge and soft skills. Real-life business case analysis, amongst many other experiences, allows you to flex your analytical and presentation skills in a simulated business context. Our training sessions are designed to strengthen yourself, making you a strong contender for international case competitions - and in the actual business world.
Mentorship Programme
There is no doubt that freshmen would need guidance in their academic and career preparation. As a first-year student, you will be matched with a senior student and an alumnus, so that you can seek mentors’ advice on both your personal and career development. This strengthens the bonding within the IBCE family and demonstrates the “take and give” philosophy, one that we emphasise throughout the four-year undergraduate study.
Team Effectiveness Workshop
Leadership and management skills are indispensable parts of a successful business leader. This practical workshop will equip you with the knowledge to manage diverse teams through joining the team-building challenges, physical activities, reflection and sharing. Through our Team Effectiveness Workshop, you can acuminate your teamwork, leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. Discover your individual strengths, weaknesses and potential blind spots, and learn how to collaborate or even manage people with different personalities and working styles. These are transferable skills and attitudes that would prove instrumental in future workplaces.
Global Business Forum
As an IBCE student, you will gain first hand insights from honourable speakers at our signature annual event, the Global Business Forum. You will have a chance to meet prominent business leaders from various sectors and discuss the latest global issues. Through networking events, speaker series and panel discussions, you will develop both your skill sets and your professional network.

Internships allow you to take the concepts you learn in the class and apply them in a real-world environment. Most of our students are able to complete internships in international corporations such as BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Accenture.

IBCE students are also encouraged to work in the United States and China. Through attending internships abroad, students can immerse in a truly global environment and learn soft skills through working with people from various backgrounds and working styles.

Last year, I got the chance to work as a business development intern at Fung Retail, Li & Fung Co., Ltd. during summer in Shanghai. The experience of interacting with local people is intriguing, since I can experience their festivities as well as the working culture. In fact, China’s market is booming. The market size of 1.3 billion people has attracted many foreign companies to open retail stores in China. Applying the business knowledge learnt from IBCE, I gained a deeper understanding of the China market. Another eye-opening thing is the technological innovation and development in China. Can you imagine that you can go out without your wallet, but you cannot survive without your phone? The e-payment system in China is advanced with a high penetration rate. China's technology firms are developing rapidly.

Anny SO, Class of 2020
The internship in the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York has enabled me to understand Hong Kong and New York more. It is great to have this hands-on experience to work in a governmental organisation and be able to attend different events such as the 20th anniversary Gala Dinner and other luncheon meetings.

Heather HSU, Class of 2019