Student Experience

Wendy Wu
IBCE is a great platform which enables me to become a more confident and proactive young person. With IBCE, we are able to gain practical knowledge across potential career paths, and meet people with unique stories to tell. The extensive network of IBCE allows me to obtain insight and support from various professionals, alumni, and peers. The IBCE journey has definitely broadened my horizon. I can’t wait for the coming adventures with my dear IBCE batchmates!
Kenny Chan
I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of the IBCE community. IBCE is not a class of business elites alone, it is a family where skills are exchanged and ideas are nurtured. As a captain, I had the chance to work closely with both my batchmates and university staff. If you are looking for a close-knit community, or a diverse alumni network, or rewarding 4 years ahead with gatherings and fun, IBCE is definitely for you.
Kinnie Yu
IBCE is undoubtedly an exclusive place for us to collaborate, learn and to gain fruitful experience. The small class size allows us to build long-term relationships with our batchmates and international students. IBCE also offers us many opportunities to explore different possibilities and to excel in various aspects, depth and exposure guaranteed.
Addes Mak
IBCE provides an excellent platform for us to learn, progress and shine. The internationally-oriented programme structure and small cohort size let us build close friendships with people from two continents who have different aspirations. With programme-exclusive events and a supportive alumni network to broaden our exposure, it's us IBCErs who define and differentiate IBCE!
Alice Zeng
I genuinely appreciate the chance to join the IBCE family. IBCE as a niche community, has enabled me to grasp the opportunities to learn from a collective and diverse experience, where students from Asia and the USA can exchange ideas and build up our common network . This hands-on experience also equips me with an entrepreneurial and global mindset. I am confident IBCE can guide me through the preparation for my future career, and give meaningful friendships.
Sean Tam
You will experience exponential growth with IBCE in all aspects: You will be exposed to various career paths and opportunities. You will work with people from all walks of life and with different domain knowledge. Most importantly, you will grow to become a capable young leader who dares to step out of your comfort zone. Ultimately, contributing to the betterment of businesses and society as a whole.
Joanne Lee
Every IBCEr has high aspirations, and would strive for excellence. In my university studies, I have joined various teamwork activities and case competitions with my batchmates, in hopes of bolstering my communication and collaboration skills. These experiences also furthered our friendship, which is a cornerstone towards a diversified and joyful university life, as well as a healthy and supportive network when we graduate
Michelle Ho (Batch 10)
One of the best things about the IBCE program is its extensive and wide international exposure. Together with my batchmates, we have enjoyed valuable opportunities to travel across the world and participate in international case competitions. These are all memorable learning experiences for me.