IBCE Alumni

Winnie Lee
Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
Co-founder of Spread-it Limited
I am grateful to be named on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020 List, and much thanks to IBCE for that. IBCE is s an adventure that you start with a group of interesting and dynamic people, where I got the chance to be exposed to different opportunities and immersed in new ventures. I am fortunate enough to be able to set up my own start-up with all kinds of support that are connected through IBCE. The advice and network that I have got from the programme assisted me in many aspects. China is one of the biggest economies in the world at the moment and I am sure IBCE is definitely the right programme for the trend. There’s not a single moment of regret for getting into this programme, and if you’re reading this now, I would say you wouldn’t want to miss it!
Heather Hsu
Master of International Business, Darla Moore School of Business
What sets IBCE apart is the cohort’s closeness and diversity. This four years' study has been invaluable in providing me the opportunity to be involved in learning and working with the elites from both CUHK Business School and UofSC in the USA. After graduating from IBCE, I joined the MIB cohort as part of the 4+1 structure. It is a blessing to be able to corporate with a cohort that is composed of talents from over 16 countries and regions.
Angela Tang
Strategy Analyst at Accenture
IBCE has broadened my horizons, not only as a business student, but also as a global citizen. Thanks to tailored mentorship schemes, career-development support, friendships as well as exclusive exposure, which allow me to become a more successful business woman. I am very thankful for the program for equipping me with suitable hard and soft skills that are still very useful in my daily work now. And for giving me some of the best learning experiences, travel stories and companions in the journey.
Christopher Wong
Senior Consultant at KPMG Global Strategy Group
The element that sets IBCE apart? My answer is People. Our 10-year network encompasses not only consulting and finance, but also art, entrepreneurship, music, tech... which for those people who dream in reality. Thanks to IBCE, I got my first job at Google. This program and its year-long exchange are one of the best experiences I have ever gone through, and I will continue to serve on the Advisory Board and grow with IBCE.
Janice Sue Wong
Strategy Consultant and Corporate Citizenship Lead at Accenture
IBCE has broadened my horizon through the international exposure I gained. IBCE has helped cultivate my business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset, and prepared me to launch a career in a global consultancy firm as a strategy consultant upon graduation. IBCE has also inspired me to think about how business innovation can create shared value. I am grateful to have met other classmates who are also passionate about making a difference and started a social enterprise together. I am still continuing my social innovation journey in the corporate social responsibility space.
Wilson Wong
Consulting Analyst at Accenture
IBCE offers a close-knit community in which you will meet lifelong friends across the globe, gain unique experience, and enjoy dedicated resources. The relatively small yet diverse cohort with students from both CUHK and UofSC is truly the essence of the program. Not only did we enjoy each other’s company in classes, but we also loved going on adventures and exploring different cities together during our studies in Asia and America. Although we are now pursuing our career goals in different places, we are still trying to keep as connected as we can. As an IBCEr, I have received tremendous support from alumni and passionate faculty members. Thanks to the far-reaching network, I could get a head start on exploring and understanding my career choices before I eventually landed a job offer in consulting. I am grateful to be part of IBCE and I look forward to sharing my experience to contribute back to the community.