Batch 11 students get a taste of case competition and consulting

The 3-week Case Competition Workshops introduce IBCE freshmen to the consulting industry and the ultimate way to explore different production chains.

IBCE works tirelessly to ensure students enjoy top-quality career exposure in abundance and early on. Two weeks into the start of the first semester, all IBCE freshmen were invited to the Case Competition workshop together with Global Business studies students, under the kind guidance of alumni from both Global Business Programmes.

Netflix FIXED!

The first case was about the entertainment juggernaut – Netflix. Increasing competition by companies like Disney and market saturation is pushing the management team to its edge. IBCErs were coached to think from the managers’ perspectives, and ultimately came up with experimental initiatives.

“I’m very grateful to be able to look into the management of huge businesses around the world. I watch Netflix originals from time to time but haven’t really thought about its business model. Now I’ll think one step further, it is not just what companies produce, but more importantly, why? Does that solution apply to other companies? Why or why not? It is always good to ask more questions, the answer becomes clearer when you think analytically,” said Kenny Chan.

HSBC in India

The second case was based around one of the fastest-growing economies internationally – India. This time IBCErs caught a glimpse in the challenges of doing business under immense government intervention. IBCErs eventually gave creative suggestions that focus on the long-term development of HSBC India, integrating collaboration with the government and utilizing technology.

“This case is particularly interesting; it wasn’t a completely free market economy you can do whatever you like as long as you have that capital. HSBC India faced the hard decision of short-term gains through financial products of high profit margins, or long-term development through extensive networks of unprofitable infrastructures in return for the government’s favor. We also learnt about basic banking and finance through this case, a multi-perspective experience,” said Kinnie Yu.


Most IBCErs across all batches managed to get into CUHK Case Competition Team and/or Cambridge Consulting Network, which are highly related to the consulting industry.