Strategic Planning Committee


  • Professor Joseph Sung (Chairman, Vice-Chancellor and President)
  • Professor Benjamin Wah (Provost/Vice-President)
  • Professor Michael Hui (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President)
  • Professor Fok Tai Fai (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President)
  • Professor Fanny Cheung (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President)
  • Professor Poon Wai Yin (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President)
  • Professor Fung Tung (Associate Vice-President)
  • Professor Dennis Ng (Associate Vice-President)
  • Professor Gordon Cheung (Associate Vice-President)
  • Professor Leung Yuen Sang (Dean, Faculty of Arts)
  • Professor Francis Chan (Dean, Faculty of Medicine)
  • Professor Andrew Chan (Head, Shaw College)
  • Professor Kenneth Young (Master, C.W. Chu College)
  • Dr. Chan Chi Sun (Lay member of the Council)
  • Ms. Cecilia Lee (Lay member of the Council)
  • Mr. Eric Ng (Secretary, Registrar and Secretary)

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the strategic planning process that will result in the formulation of initial and revised versions of a strategic plan, before finalizing the Strategic Plan 2016–2020.
  • To identify the strategic issues and priorities, as well as resource constraints, in the light of the changing environment and circumstances, as background and context for the sub-committees to discharge their functions and produce the deliverables.
  • To receive from its sub-committees relevant data and information and to determine its use in the strategic plan, including but not limited to the following:
    • SWOT analysis and environmental scan
    • Analysis of stakeholders' views
    • Reports on open forums and other consultations with the University community
    • Analysis of any surveys conducted
    • Key performance indicators that will measure institutional performance against intended outcomes and agreed objectives
  • To review the existing mission and vision statements, and if necessary to adjust them in alignment with the new strategic plan.
  • To present to the Senate for endorsement and to the Council for approval the Strategic Plan 2016–2020 by no later than early-2016